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Futurama #23

Posted: Saturday, February 4, 2006
By: Ray Tate

"The A-Team"

Writer: Ian Boothby
Artists: John Delaney(p), Andrew Pepoy(i), Colorbot 3000: Karen Bates, Nathan Hamil, Nathan Kane, Chris Ungar, Art Villanueva
Publisher: Bongo

A routine delivery leads the Planet Express crew into a topsy-turvy space-time conundrum that fee a few old friends that you've never met. Such paradoxes must mean that Ian Boothby is up to his old tricks again in Futurama.

Boothby for this issue comes up with an inventive plot that gives him the opportunity for jokes based on--Sky Captain, Red Dwarf, the Twilight Zone and Superman. Bothby then uses your own expectation for cheap laughs against you to find an actual, interesting plot out of the blended scifi goodness.

Though ostensibly a funny book Futurama makes more sense than some so-called dramatic presentations. Those familiar with Boothby's skills will not be surprised to see on model characterization of the crew, clever plot twists and a sense of fairplay inherent to classic grandmaster science fiction puzzles.

Delaney and Pepoy in turn delightedly direct the sight gags, maintain a natural flow to the story and despite the massive cast of characters keep the panels relatively uncluttered and easy to follow. Beyond the mechanics, Delaney and Pepoy attract the eye with interesting uses of shadow and light and dramatically alter the mood when drama peeks around the comedic beats.

Welcome also to the hilariously named Colorbot 3000. Beneath those circuits are the familiar Bongo colorists that suffuse the story with brilliant vivid variegation. The 'bot never falters to bring out the best in disco pink and purple fusion, antithetical yellows and the myriad definitions of flesh.

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