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Sable & Fortune #2

Posted: Saturday, February 4, 2006
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Brendan Cahill
Artist: John M. Burns
Publisher: Marvel

Brendan Cahill team up Silver Sable and Dominic Fortune under the fine art of legendary British illustrator John Burns. This second issue is as good as the first.

Burns' paints are mouthwatering and perfect for the comic book field. Every scene looks unique, realistic and animated. The key pitfall in painting comic books lies in the potential for stiffness and an over-reliance of posing that does not carry the story through a beginning, middle and end. Painting a cover is different than painting an entire comic book, and Burns shows you how its done.

His designs for the characters offer fans a fresh look that never the less falls within their history while at the same time bestows greater depth and dimension to their appearance. Burns' artwork is a conflagration of gunplay, martial arts, espionage snafus and surprising rescues as well as surprisingly natural expressions of body language.

Cahill gives Mr. Burns much with which to work. Clearly a student of the espionage genre, Cahill creates an Alias mission that blows up in the stars' faces. Inside the plot of spy versus spy--though none of the characters really are spies--Cahill provides distinctive voices and personalities that are fun to watch.

Sable and Fortune received very little hype, but it far outclasses in terms of art and story the average book of its type as well as quite a number of comic books on the rack that require convoluted story telling and hammy, unnatural or just bad artwork. This is the real stuff. Sable and Fortune are the Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin of an alternate universe.

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