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Teen Titans #31

Posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2006
By: Shawn Hill

ďLost and Found: Part 2 of 2Ē

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Tony Daniel and Todd Nauck (p), Alquiza and Bonk (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Plot: Changeling and Raven race to heaven to cut off Baby Blood from his access to his dead army, while Wonder Girl finds her powers cutting out just when she needs them most. Again. Hasnít she resolved her daddy issues yet? Also, thereís a cartoon strip interfering with my issue.

Comments: I realize Iím out of the loop with the whole Captain Carrot thing, which is a big lure for a lot of old-school fans. Me, I donít care for funny animals besides Gínort, and I donít get the relevance to an already muddled and distracted ongoing Titans story. If thereís a meta-textual commentary here, I donít see it.

Titans has been suffering fallout from the big crossover event of the moment, for what seems like most of its existence. This issue is surprisingly focused, and makes sense of the events of recent issues that were surreal and confusing. In fact, Johns even pulls a special guest totally out of left field, one who actually adds to the proceedings rather than confusing things further.

This issue is pretty simple. Raven and Beast Boy flirt as they rouse the cavalry, the team learns the distressingly resurrected Titans are just zombies, and Superboy threatens to come after Superboy, in another of those iconic fights that Infinite Crisis is designed to foster. Bring it on, I say, because it might even fit in if the stories are kept this simple and coherent. Johnsí gift for character moments does come through again more than once in this issue, after a protracted absence.

Heís helped in that by an assortment of artists who arenít my favorites (all far too Image-y in tone) yet who manage for the most part a crisp, clean style thatís an improvement. Danielís anatomy is still all over the place, and Brother Blood looks way too old, but at least I can tell who everyone is.

Oh yeah, that thing about the rabbit and the carrot, whatever it was; I think itís a parody of a satire, which is too meta even for me.

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