A comic review article by: Felicity Gustafson
ADVANCE REVIEW! Green Wake #5 will come out on August 3, 2011.

An astonishing end to Green Wake! Well, this segment, anyway, but it will be continued in Green Wake: Lost Children, which I am ecstatic about. The last issue left off on a pretty powerful cliffhanger, so I had great expectations for this installment. This issue is chock full of riveting, emotional drama with some final answers to boot!

I found it very difficult not to feel intensely bad for Carl. His guilt and horror over what happened to Ariel basically ate him up. But that's what the town of Green Wake does to people; it will take you down until you drown in your own guilt and then it will sink you further until you hit the shit of rock bottom. Poor Carl. I can't delve in depth into it, but there are some pretty dramatic and suspenseful pages revolving around him.

In contrast to Carl's, I will admit to not being overly surprised about Morley's ending. Morley's always been the key to their little group since the beginning of the series. He was always the one asking why and delving into the reason behind everything. So it's not very surprising to say that he was the one to finally figure out the purpose behind the town of Green Wake. There's always that one character that's basically the detective of the series. While Morley's not exactly Sherlock Holmes, he does have a nose for ferreting out secrets.

And Krieger! Krieger's remained my favorite throughout the series, despite him having a tendency to stay out of the spotlight. He's meant to be a supporting character, not a hero and he has his own set of problems to deal with, but doesn't force them onto the rest of the gang. He's not exactly the most noticeable of the trio, but with his little bowler hat and fuzzy jacket, how can you not want to pinch those adorable little frog cheeks?! It's hard to say if Krieger's understanding what Morley's trying to tell him about Green Wake, but he will definitely be in Green Wake: Lost Children along with another surprise guest.

As usual, Rossmo continues with his breathtaking artwork, especially with Carl's transformation/degeneration. I was in absolute awe going from page to page. There were a few full page pieces of marvelous art done to describe Morley's life with Anna. Rossmo has quite the talent of drawing on emotions of sadness and horror and having it burst off the page at you. It's like he draws back and stores all these emotions and then waits for the pivotal moment to blast the audience onto a new level. That's why I believe Wiebe and Rossmo make such a good team; they feed off of each other's talent to create a spectacular piece of work that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Overall, the last issue of Green Wake was totally worth the wait. A stunning blend of happiness and sadness with a splash of perspective in the mix. Green Wake is a fascinating contrast of fate and choice that will leave you questioning yourself and the crossroads you've taken in your life. The ending to this series was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it. I'm eagerly anticipating Green Wake: Lost Children.

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