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Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her #3

Posted: Saturday, November 26, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Help and Those Who Need It"

Writer: Richard K. Morgan
Artists: Sean Phillips, Bill Seinkiewicz, Dan Brown(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Things come to a head in Miami. The bad guys have The Black Widow in their sights, literally. SHIELD's Nick Fury and Daredevil intend to intervene on her behalf, and the fire-haired former Avenger inches closer to Sally Anne, the charge she acquired in Richard K. Morgan's last series.

Morgan once again distinguishes between the good guys and the bad guys through their actions not their affiliations. The grunts even question the fervor of their superiors, and it's that fervor that makes the reader question whether or not there will be a third Black Widow series.

Natasha has never before faced such opposition. This is no costumed freak or Cold War debonair spy. Her adversary is the U.S. government in bed with a corporate sponsor. This makes her foe ubiquitous and ruthless.

Fortunately, the bonds of friendship and continuity offer our gal a respite. Fury's willing sacrifice perfectly fits with his history as a Howling Commando and Commander of SHIELD. He's been the Widow's friend throughout Marvel continuity, and Morgan has not changed that in these series. If anything he reinforces Fury's and Natasha's relationship and again gives a little nod to the James Bond type of cat-and-mouse games played in the sixties. Although Gynacon evolved from the Cold War, this long ranging conflict with its relatively mutually respectful adversaries was nothing like the greed-propelled savagery of the neocon spy game around which the Black Widow weaves her web.

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