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The Pulse #12

Posted: Monday, November 14, 2005
By: Shawn Hill

ďFear: Part 2Ē

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Gaydos

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: Jessicaís baby wants to be born. But the hospital doesnít want to be irradiated by her freaky altered genes. And Jonah finally has an assignment for her. It never rains, huh? Oh yeah, and Ben Urichís looking into something about D-man, very sub-plotty
for this book.

Comments: How pleasant it is to see Gaydos back where he belongs, with his best co-creation, Jessica Jones, looking just like herself. Not that his Jessica Drew is shabby (itís amazing to me how many Marvel titles seem giddy to use the original Spider-Woman these days; and some of them not even written by Bendis!). About the only thing he does that I donít like is give Ms. Marvel Diamond Lilís old mask for some reason.

This issue reads not like an adjunct to Bendisí other Marvel projects (as so many of the recent arcs have done), but as the proper continuation of Alias this title was meant to be. The focus is on Jessica, the unlikely heroine in the midst of special people she considers her betters. Carol sets her straight quickly, though, by introducing her to the nurses matter-of-factly as ďa super hero.Ē And Jessicaís contacts swing into action, too, with Wasp finally making herself useful in a Bendis book and calling that long lost (by Bendis himself, but whatever) rallying cry: Avengers Assemble!

Which they need to, because the hospital wants nothing to do with the crazy energy fields and mutant tentacled babies or whatever hysteria they imagine is about to pour out of Jessicaís womb. Jessica as usual has her eyes on the prize, and just wants her baby to live. And live he or she will, as the Avengers mobilize to take Jessica to where she IS wanted, the home of Dr. Stephen Strange. Hope heís kept off the booze.

This is the place where I complain about decompression, as all this hub-bub still doesnít result in a live birth, attenuated for yet another issue (and Bendis has the gall to "remind" us that in fact this two year pregnancy is actually coming to term three months early; donít you just love how time starts and stops at Bendisí bidding in his books?), but, what the hey, itís a comic book, right Itís supposed to have cliffhangers. Itís when itís the same one month after month that thereís a problem.

Best moment: While itís nice to know the real Avengers are still unofficially active, nothing confirms Lukeís rightful presence among their number better than Lukeís awe-inspiring leap into action to get to his girl.

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