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Shadowhawk #5

Posted: Saturday, October 8, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Dead Man Walking"

Writer: Scott Wherle
Artists: Carlos Rodriguez(p), John Larter(i), J.L. Rio(c)
Publisher: Image

Love the cover homage. The original Shadowhawk was an AIDS-stricken victim who bore a bit more serious mien. The new Shadowhawk is a well-meaning teenager who likes being a super-hero.

Scott Wherle writes the new Shadowhawk as a much lighter character than the original. As a result he infuses vitality to the hero that offers more contrast to the grim and gritty IC comic books.

This issue Blacklight joins Shadowhawk, and lo and behold, the slugfest does not ensue. Instead, they treat each other with respect. Wow. No “get out of my city” or glowering. Blacklight is looking for answers about her newfound powers. Shadowhawk is looking for a new killer, and the story knits these seemingly disparate threads quite easily.

Unfortunately, Joe Toledo, Marc Deering and Kanila Tripp do not pool their talents for Blacklight’s guest-appearance, but Carlos Rodriguez, John Larter and J.L. Rio do both heroes justice and keep the panels animated.

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