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Grimoire #5

Posted: Friday, September 2, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Stebastien Caisse
Artists: Djief, Hawke Studios(c)
Publisher: Speakeasy

The plot to Grimoire gains more dimension this issue. Developments in our cast of characters reveal two unexpected details, but the real reason why we follow the pages of Grimoire is because of Amandine Faucon.

The youthful, female protagonist carries the weight of the tome with dignity and grace. Caisse easily captures her voice and Djief shows her daring without resorting to daring exposures of flesh. How about that? No extra ribs, and no "leetle window." No creased spine either. Go figure.

Mystery continues to surround the Lord of Masks, a raccoon who is far more, and through the chain of events, what is destined seems to be breaking apart. Can't count on destiny when we humans are around. It's what makes us unique.

There's a little too much verbiage in this chapter that's more than made up with the action in the issue's finale, and Djief's artwork looks a bit more rushed than usual. Still, he manages to carry the story forward and does not stab the eyes like so many other books that were supposedly carefully stitched together.

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