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Dracula vs. King Arthur #2

Posted: Tuesday, August 30, 2005
By: Judson Miers

Writer: Adam and Christian Beranek
Artist: Chris Moreno

Publisher: Silent Devil

Disclaimer: This comic was sent to me as a review copy from the SBC Reviews Editor and not from the publisher.

The basic storyline is a fairly refreshing twist on the Arthurian legend (representing good) versus Dracula (representing evil) from the viewpoint of both characters. Simply put, God has shined on Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table but spurned Vlad Dracul’s reign, his wife, and his people.

After being turned into a vampire and sent to Camelot, Dracula usurps Morganna and Modred’s plans to depose Arthur. A familiar part of vampire lore is “being-bitten-by-a-vampire-turns-one-into-a-vampire.” What is new with this telling of the story is something we haven’t yet seen: what happens when someone drink from Dracula himself. (I hope this is good…)

While Arthur and Merlin are away searching for answers, the infidelity between Guinivere and Lancelot is introduced. Nothing but lust has happened yet, but it’s enough to seduce Guinivere to betray both Arthur and Lancelot after being captured and brought to Dracula’s stronghold. The same lie of “you can have it all for a price” that worked on Vlad also works on Guinivere (who looks rather ravishing in her new vampire attire) and Lancelot. One other noteworthy issue… apparently Excalibur isn’t as discriminating about who holds it as we were once told. It looks like the smackdown is on for the next two issues!

Again, the production quality and the artwork are quality work, without all of the Manga-inspired figures and action lines. Also, the gore factor is pretty toned down as compared to what is seen in the Blade trilogy. It’s more on the level of Van Helsing and the classic horror movies of the 70s.

I still don’t think that I would have purchased this series because it’s not really “my thing,” but the story is interesting and put together well.

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