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Cable & Deadpool #17

Posted: Friday, August 5, 2005
By: Jason Cornwell

"Enema of the State, Part Three: House of Mmmm"

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Pencils: Patrick Zircher
Inks: UDON's M3th
Colors: Gotham
Letters: VC's Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics
$2.99 U.S. / $4.25 CAN

As Deadpool finds himself in a reality where Cable is still an infant, and his sole guardian looks to be Mr. Sinister, we see things take an even further twist when we discover that this reality is the House of M. As Cannonball and Siryn join Deadpool in Mr. Sinister's happy little home, we see Deadpool decides that he can't leave little Cable in Mr. Sinister's care. However, we see Mr. Sinister isn't exactly willing to part with his greatest genetic experiment.

This issue manages to make a pretty tenuous link to the House of M crossover, but unlike many titles that make a desperate bid to hitch their wagon to the big summer event Fabian Nicieza has come up with a rather clever means of not allow the crossover to disrupt the story he was telling before his book found itself in the House of M. Now I'm pretty sure it was a happy accident that Fabian Nicieza decided to embark on a dimension hopping adventure and found himself in the advantageous position of being able venture into the House of M without disrupting the story he was telling, but he does a pretty seamless job of touching the required bases so the book can claim to be part of the crossover, and it is worth noting that this issue does offer up a pretty major development in it's final pages, as Deadpool removes something from the House of M that could actually be pretty important, especially when one considers the House of M isn't a parallel reality but rather it's the Marvel Universe altered by the Scarlet Witch. In any event, this issue is still very much the Deadpool comedy hour, but it certainly helps that Fabian Nicieza writes a very funny book. I mean how can one not love a book that puts the villain's lengthy exposition on pause so our hero can take a bathroom break. I also have to once again repeat my belief that this book's recap pages should be required reading by all writers working at Marvel, as in addition to offering up back-story for new readers, more often than not they also provide some of the biggest laughs in the book, as they allow Fabian Nicieza to have some fun breaching the fourth wall, as the characters explain what happened in previous issues. This issue also deserves credit for actually providing one of the rare moments where Mr. Sinister's motivations were clearly spelled out in the actual story, as most times the writers that make use of the character cloud his true motives, that half the time you never learn what the character was looking to accomplish.

Patrick Zircher turns in a very solid issue, as there's several impressive visuals to be found in these pages, from the explosive double-page spread that opens the issue, to the equally impressive establishing shot of Mr. Sinister's lab which does a clever job of employing art from other House of M projects. The art also does a nice job of playing up Mr. Sinister's cold, calculating nature, even if it's only to sell the comedy of the bathroom gag, as how can one not love the brief flash of emotion that the character is allowed during in that final panel on the first page. There's also a nice moment where the humour briefly drops away, and we see Deadpool does have a deadly serious side, as how can one not take notice of Wade's expression after Cannonball strikes him in the head. The action also has a nice serious edge to it, as there's a lovely impact shot on the next to last page, as Deadpool has his chest caved in by Mr. Sinister. I also have to give the book credit for coming up with an attention grabbing cover, though I'm not sure how well it'll go over with Cable fans.

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