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Dracula vs. King Arthur #1

Posted: Thursday, August 4, 2005
By: Judson Miers

Writers: Adam and Christian Beranek
Artist: Chris Moreno

Publisher: Silent Devil Productions

Disclaimer: This comic was sent to me as a review copy from another SBC reviewer and not from the publisher.

The basic storyline is a fairly refreshing twist on the Arthurian legend (representing nobility) vs. Dracula (representing evil) from the viewpoint of both characters. Simply put, God has shined on Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. Satan has found Vlad Dracul III as a willing pawn who has spent his life using EXTREME measure to “fulfill the will of God.” (Not any God I want to worship, but it’s not my story.) Dracula gets seduced by Lucifer to betray his “God” and become a vampire so he can destroy Camelot and be rewarded with an eternity in Hell with his beloved wife. Even though it’s hard to see that Vlad Dracul ever had any sort of goodness within him, it’s definitely a very good way to explain how he “sold his soul” and became a bloodthirsty monster. Satan just shows him how deluded he has been all along.

The production quality (38 pages of comic with no ads for the price of $2.95) is superb. The glossy heavyweight paper are something that Marvel and DC only use on their “premium” books or their issues with “fancy junk” on the cover. The artwork has the requisite amount of dark and macabre visuals, but they are done as tastefully as I’ve seen. This is definitely not in the same vein as A Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th type of horror comic. This is a “thinking man’s” horror tale.

I wouldn’t have purchased this issue (or successive issues), either from my comic shop or from Silent Devil’s website because of the subject matter, but the book is definitely a high-quality production and a worthwhile purchase for anyone interested in horror (not slasher or gore fans) that has a strong and definite storyline.

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