Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy #1 (one-shot)

A comic review article by: Jamil Scalese
Logan and Wade -- such a natural pairing don’t you think? One is a ruthless warrior who takes no nonsense and the other is the living embodiment of nonsense. They have similar origins, with one essentially being a parody of the other, and basically share the same skill set, with Deadpool literally receiving his regenerative abilities from Wolverine. Oh, and they’re both Canadian.

In The Decoy, which apparently made an appearance as a digital comic on Marvel.com last year, we find Wolverine trying to eliminate a giant Shi'ar robot that is programmed to hunt down Jean Grey and will destroy anything it reaches for that point. Problem is -- Jeanie is dead, so the robot will never stop hunting her down and thus kill everyone on its fruitless mission. Our grisly friend Logan knows he’ll need back-up on this one and naturally tracks someone down who would be dumb enough to be bait.

The interaction between the two protagonists brought back pangs of nostalgia to the battles between the two that reached their peak in around 2000. It was commonplace for either Deadpool or Wolverine to appear in each other title, tear each other new assholes, heal up and do it again two months later. There was more animosity then, although in typical fashion they made peace long enough to get whatever bad guy was lurking and plotting behind their bloody scuffle. I can’t really say Logan and Wade don’t team-up anymore, they share space on the tight and efficient Uncanny X-Force roster, but since Deadpool has matured and gained more exposure there is a noticeable movement away from the crutch Weapon X provides.

Stuart Moore’s story appropriately utilizes both characters. Wolverine is gritty with the touch of emotion that makes him such a likeable character and Deadpool is erratic, but funny and fierce enough not to be a complete joke. I felt Wolvie was a little mischaracterized in terms of his patience with Deadpool, but with the number of titles the character spans over I’ve read about twelve versions of little guy this year. In the end the aspect I enjoyed most about The Decoy was that it didn’t try to do too much and it was funny. Several parts were chuckle-worthy and it serves as a neat little story that adds to the lore of the relationship between the closely related, though remarkably different heroes.

The art is more suited for a Deadpool story than a Wolverine one. Crystal has done some sleek work with ‘Pool before, and the cartoony, almost Sunday strip style fits him perfectly. On the other side, Wolverine was a little goofy looking in some panels, and the action ranged from frantic to exaggerated. As a whole the art was not terrible, and it suited the some of the lighthearted aspects of the story. I just did not dig the embellished aspects of Crystal style, for this project anyway.

This issue also included a reprint of "Drunk With Power," a short story first appearing in a Deadpool/Great Lakes Initiative special printed a few years back. While I was a little disappointed that both stories were reprints, and I had read this one before, I have to dub the Fabian Nicieza and Dan Slott story a classic for both Wade and the semi-defunct Avengers team that operates out of Wisconsin. With appearances by Dionysus, a drunk Storm, Squirrel Girl and A.I.M crammed into eighteen pages this is a must-read for fans of Deadpool or GLI.

Even though I enjoyed this pick up I can’t give it too generous of rating due to it being mostly reprinted material. Still, for four dollars and two really solid stories I recommend anyone with curiosity to check it out. For once, the image depicted on the cover of a comic book actually happens in the interior.

Jamil Scalese is just like you -- an avid comics fan and lover of sequential art. Residing in Pittsburgh, PA, he is an unapologetic Deadpool fan, lover of the Food Network and proud member of Steelers Nation.

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