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GLA #3

Posted: Saturday, June 18, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Mistaken Identity Crisis"


Writer: Dan Slott
Artists: Paul Pelletier (p), Rick Magyar (i), Will Quintana (c)
Publisher: Marvel

Darkly hilarious, GLA also uses Marvel's continuity--still ironically more coherent than DC's alleged continuity--to play havoc with the members of the Great Lakes Avengers, old and new.

I have seen some other on-line critics actually complaining that the book offers too much death and destruction, and my jaw drops at these statements. GLA in actuality parodies the current strategies of the Big Two.

Unless the book is taking place at some kind of snuff theater, nobody has really died. GLA is a story within a story. Each issue opens with Squirrel Girl introducing and warning folks about what's about to happen behind the curtain. Now, if there is a curtain, and she as well as some dead characters are already aware of what occurs in the comic books, then nobody and no animals were harmed during the production of the book. I'm surprised nobody else has picked up on this. Likely, they've been hammered by so much gloom and misogynist pap that they have become blind to the ingenious opening. Besides, I'm not absolutely sure the characters in GLA will stay "dead."

Deathurge--Marvel's cheapjack Black Racer--implies in the book that there may be a purpose within these "deaths." He also states that he is "an agent of Oblivion." Oblivion, a male deity, is presented as a different type of cosmic entity than Death, who usually manifests in the Marvel Universe as an extremely skinny female.

Regardless, with the Monkey Joe sigils on every other page corner and a hearty "Zut Alors!" from Batroc Ze Leaper, grossly disappointed science geeks and one seriously humorless, petty villain seeking vengeance as well as death by giant candy canes all rendered in Paul Pelletier's old-school styled artwork that by being more realistic adds to the hilarity, you cannot go wrong.

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