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Freedom Force #5

Posted: Monday, May 23, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Eric Deter
Artist: Tom Scioli

Publisher: Image
Price: $2.95 USD

Another issue, just one week after the last one? Excellent!

Women in Patriot City are being transformed into violent primitives by Pan, god of nature. Freedom Force fighter Eve seems to fall under Pan’s spell and joins him in his floating island fortress. Our heroes invade, find an antidote to Pan’s spells, but are quickly captured. They save the day of course; they’re the good guys!

Back at the Freedom Fortress, the team is confronted by the Timemaster. He explains his plan to stop his aging by stopping the flow of time itself. To do that, he needs the most powerful member of the Freedom Force. Timemaster teleports the team into the prehistoric past! Can the Force save the universe? Will a hero be sacrificed for the plans of a mad conqueror? Will there be a sequel?

Yes, maybe, and yes.

After saying everything something good about this series every issue, I thought I’d talk about the bad. First off: Timemaster. A time traveling villain trying to stop his own aging is a nice twist on a classic villain type. But aging is biological. Instead of trying to wreck the universe, why not seek immortality potions? Or create a bubble of “non-time” around his person so his body is in perpetual stasis? And why tell all his plans to the heroes? If he needs one, why not just take him? Why transport the entire team? Unless he’s getting them out of his way, there’s not much point. I know villains are traditionally overconfident, but come on!

I know this is going to sound sexist, but is anyone surprised when a woman named “Eve” betrays her teammates for an evil god? The name itself is foreshadowing. It’s like meeting a character named “Dick”. You know he’s a bad guy. (Like Vin Diesel’s Richard Riddick. Yes, that’s Riddick’s full name. “Dick Riddick.")

One serious flaw in this story was how the android Microwave was key to defeating Pan. I didn’t see how. If he was he only one who could create an antidote, it wasn’t mentioned. I expected his artificial nature to give him immunity to Pan’s magic. No dice.

But this is still a great comic. You’ve got fighting, bull-men, babes, an ethnic stereotype, humor, and a god getting punk’d. Now that’s worth $3.

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