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GLA #2

Posted: Saturday, May 7, 2005
By: Ray Tate

"Dismembership Drive"

Writer: Dan Slott
Artists: Paul Pelletier (p), Rick Magyar (i), Will Quintana (c)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I put GLA on my list and expected a funny book. GLA is funny. Monkey Joe returns with his public service announcements. Paul Pelletier designs some really wacky moments, and his comic timing even in dark comic doings is flawless, but surprisingly GLA may be Marvel's most empathetic and character driven titles.

Why is it that Dan Slott's deaths in GLA are more moving and heroic than those portrayed in Identity Schmisis and its deaf, dumb and blind sibling Glockbluebeetledown? I have a theory. Dan Slott is a better writer than Greg Rucka, Judd Winick and Geoff Johns put together or apart.

Slott of course has written for the Batman Animated Series books and bestowed to readers All-Star in Justice League Adventures. He did what many considered impossible. He made She-Hulk funny again without copying Byrne's style of comedy. Dan Slott is a better writer than Rucka, Winick and Johns. It's that simple.

In GLA he takes a bunch of losers, introduces some more losers and yet makes what happens to them arresting. This book somewhat parodies Bendis' Dissing the Avengers, but Slott makes you laugh with Doorman and Flatman. He persuades you to sympathize with super-model turned Star Jones Ashley Crawford a.k.a. Big Bertha and convinces you to mourn the loss of a blatant Spider-Man/Iron Man marriage known as the Grasshopper. Heck, the guy worked for Roxxon, and you still feel sorry for him.

As if this book could not possibly get any better, three words prove you incorrect. Batroc Ze Leaper. "'Nuff said."

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