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Grimoire #2

Posted: Friday, April 22, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Sebastien Cassie
Artists: Djief, Kness(c)
Publisher: Speakeasy

The second issue of Grimoire is an enjoyable follow up to the premiere. Writer Cassie fleshes out the cast and the various sides after the book in Amandine Faucon's possession. The artwork by Djief and Kness continues to please the eye, but this issue ends rather abruptly.

Taking refuge at a motel, Amandine exhibits some smart thinking by conjuring up a new guardian. Aegis looks interesting. He's designed with real ingenuity, and his dialogue resonates with a voice an imposing, heroic figure such as he should possess.

The bad guys--though guys is a loose description--sent by Amandine's mother smartly follow our heroine and her raccoon companion who it appears is more than what he seems to be, but Amandine's guardian and new players sent by another figure introduced in the premiere battle it out. The fight is quick and decisive. The little nods to Jason and the Argonauts are greatly appreciated, and all of it thanks to Djief looks clean and fluid.

Another really nice thing about the book is how while we don't know the exact nature of each side, both sides tend to act without a blood lust. An electrical charge is enough to send one of the players scampering off. A prisoner is treated with respect. No need for anybody to die here, and that gives the book a light touch that's welcome in an unusual fantasy setting.

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