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Grimoire #1

Posted: Saturday, March 12, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer: Sebastien Caisse
Artists: Djief(p), Kness(c)
Publisher: Speakeasy

Sebastian Cassie creates a gripping open in Grimoire. He hooks you in with a chase while Djief and Kness keep you visually entertained through unique artwork that almost looks like a collection of cartoon cels.

Grimoire opens with a very odd-looking plane transporting an even odder passenger who spies upon in magically created orb a running girl. As she focuses on the girl, the point of view gently shifts to the heroine--the running girl--and a too intelligent to be normal raccoon.

The girl opens the book and calls forth a creature of legend. An exciting battle ensues, and so far everything is by the book in terms of well illustrated action writing. What makes Grimoire different is the characterization of the protagonist. Her actions next determine for the reader who she is and how she will act through the series. I find her likeable and beating out Wild Girl pretty easily in the competition between magic-using gals.

Humorous, brave, cute and determined, the plucky Amandine as a character does have the power to carry a series on her shoulders. The flashbacks introducing the raccoon-familiar offer the reader genuine humor as does the flying carpet scene. The finale leaves the reader interested, and the watcher in the weird plane turns out to be somebody the reader does not expect.

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