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Cable & Deadpool #12

Posted: Tuesday, March 1, 2005
By: Jason Cornwell

"Thirty Pieces, Part 2 of 2: True Confessions"

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Patrick Zircher (p), M3TH@UDON with Derek Fridolfs (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Plot: As Deadpool does battle with Agent X he discovers how annoying he can be in battle, as Agent X is pretty much an exact copy of Deadpool. However, Deadpool is able to take out Agent X, and with the Fixer's help, he sets out to wake Cable up from his vegetative state. While a return visit from Agent X and Cable's unwillingness to wake up complicate matters, by the end of the issue Cable has been brought out of his coma, with a few changes.

Comments: While the whole save Cable's life using a techno-organic life form plot lacked any real sense of drama, as it's pretty clear from the outset that this plan will succeed, I have to say that Deadpool fans are going to be quite pleased with this issue; it offers up a hilarious clash between Deadpool and Agent X, and Fabian Nicieza clearly has a lot of fun playing with the idea that Agent X's mental patterns are still intertwined with Deadpool's. I mean basically this issue has Deadpool fighting an exact copy of himself, and how can one not smile as the two characters discover how annoying they can be? Now one's enjoyment of this issue is probably dependant on how big a fan one is of Deadpool, as his manic personality is on full display as he battles his doppleganger. But Cable fans are thrown a bone in that the issue ends with a new status quo for the character, and there's also a great little character moment between Cable and Domino, as Nate questions why he should continue to fight the good fight. In fact if I did have one problem with this issue it's that it doesn't really answer the question that Cable poses, as Domino's final response felt a bit simplistic. In the end though this issue is pretty much the Deadpool comedy hour, which is perfectly fine in my book, as Fabian Nicieza has shown that he's more than up to the job of delivering nonsensical pop culture references, and some truly inspired moments of dark comedy, such as Deadpool's touching tribute to Weasel using Agent X's internal organs.

Patrick Zircher is a great artist, and I couldn't be more pleased that he looks to be this book's regular artist, as he brings a level of detail to the title that can't help but leave one impressed. He's also a fine artist when it comes to the delivery of the book's action sequences, as there are some lovely impact shots during Deadpool's battle with Agent X, from the scene where they both slam into the car, to the scene where Deadpool emerges as the winner, and takes out his sword to finish the job. I also loved the scene that were set inside Cable's mind, as how can one not smile at the little details, like that collection of tea pots, or Domino's amusing reaction shot when Cable tells her that if he dies, they'll die as well? There's also a wealth of cute little background gags, such as bit where we see the end result of Deadpoolís efforts with the Constrictor's coils. Cable's new look is also pretty impressive, as it has a more hi-tech look about it.

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