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The Losers #21

Posted: Monday, February 28, 2005
By: Rob Irwin

"London Calling" (Part Two)

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artists: Ben Oliver (p), Lee Loughridge (colors)

Publisher: DC Comics/Vertigo

Plot: The fate of CIA man Sanderson is now known to the agency, and the agency person he was working closest with, Stegler, tries to come to an agreement with the Losers as they both seperately continue the hunt for Max.

Comments: Phew! Issue #20 was just a temporary blip on the radar. If you read my last Losers review, you might remember I was a little annoyed with a few things. Sure, the book still rated two and a half bullets, but the whole thing just didn't feel "right" like previous episodes had done.

Suffice to say, this issue is a genuine return to form, with everything from some "meat and potatoes" undercover work through to some truly bizarre new characters - such as "King Dave" living six miles off the English coast on a floating artillery platform left over from WWII. Happily, the Clay and Aisha relationship is also dialled back in volume from the last issue and, if I try really hard, I might even be able to forget Issue 20 ever happened at all! Hurrah!

One quirk I noted this issue came from Clay. In one scene, he doesn't want to negotiate with Stegler while the CIA man is holding a gun, suggesting instead that they meet later on neutral ground. Stegler comes to this meeting in good faith, not even carrying a concealed weapon of any kind, yet Clay makes a point of showing that he has his sniper, Cougar, concealed some distance away and ready to shoot Stegler at a moment's notice. Hypocritical, much?

Final Word: I'm genuinely very pleased to say that the previous issue has proven to be the exception, rather than the rule, when it comes to the overall quality of this series. To say that there has only been one issue to really bug me in the past 21 outings is a hit/miss ratio higher than just about any comic I've ever read. I will admit, however, I'm looking forward to Jock's return to the interior artwork. For some reason, Ben Oliver's pencils looked a little less Jock-like this issue.

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