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Boneyard #17

Posted: Friday, February 25, 2005
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Richard Moore
Publisher: NBM

In this issue of Boneyard, the gang at the cemetery entertains themselves and the reader with a football game.  This football game is as funny as the famous Turkey Bowl on Friends.  Though, the game depicted in Boneyard is through the skill evident from the artwork as well as the supernatural nature of the players more inventive.

The book does not open with a football game.  Once again, Mr. Moore departs from the expected yuks to introduce a mystery inspired by the hack/slash genre.  A top secret agency stages a sting for a Jason Vorhees type killer.  The end result is blackly humorous.

This agency its final effort thwarted turns to Abbey the Vampire for aid.  In this sense, Abbey and Boneyard become reminiscent of Modesty Blaise.  In that famous strip, Sir Gerald at the bequest of the British government always turned to Modesty for aid.

In addition to these plotlines, a weird figure with a Jack O' Lantern head pops in on the cemetery and causes cliffhanger havoc.  Poor Nessie just can't cut a break.  Also included is another fun little Bloom County inspired triplet of Hogsbreath strips.

Richard Moore's Boneyard will soon be collected in a color trade paperback, but don't be fooled by bells and whistles.  While I'm sure the color version will look gorgeous, the crisp black and white artwork looks just scrumptious.

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