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Ellium v2

Posted: Tuesday, December 21, 2004
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Name: Publisher: Splatter Ink
Creators: Jason Moser & a horde of other writers/artists.
Price: $9.95

Comments: A whole SLEW of stories that make up one big story! Let me give you bits and pieces of what is going on in this story. This is what the publisher says..."Carved from the fang of a dragon, the sword Durandel was coveted by many powerful organizations throughout the history of the world. Two of these groups were the Ellium and the Plato Continuum. Secret societies, these two groups fought a hidden war that shaped the modern world as we know it. Durandel would be instrumental to the Plato Continuum in resurrecting the green dragon Mosh el Tep, the unholy beast whose awakening will signal the end of the world. In order to keep the impending Armageddon at bay, the sword's owner, Roland II hid Durandel in the Pyreness mountains, hopefully forever."

In the beginning story, there is a murder and forensics is even creeped out from this homicide. The Ellium (who have their own agents) is called out to investigate. It looks like a pregnant woman has been killed and a forced Cesarean was done to snatch out her fetus. Then the agents have a perp, a crossdresser named Shawna. Shawna claims she was jealous of the victim's motherhood, that she flaunted with pride. Shawna is a crossdresser, but she likes women and she was even the victim's one-night stand. Come to find out Shawna implanted the fetus into her own body! Talk about heavy induced drama and it happens right away, you don't have to wait until the middle of the story, for the story to pick-up. The Ellium are considered consultants for the police and I would imagine they are probably consultants for various intelligence agencies, if they don't already have their own moles in various intelligence agencies. The Ellium have a long legacy and they are known to do what they want and at one time the Templars tried to stop them. The Ellium have power that would make Skull and Bones and the Illuminati blush with envy.

Then there is Dr. Elizabeth Sutton. A normal doctor? No way, she created the cyber gorillas that are half-machine and half living tissue. There was some humor in this dramatic story as the gorillas were able to talk English to one another and one gorilla was irritated with another gorilla and said that he was looking for something to fling at him. We all know what gorillas like to fling at the zoo! These apes are intelligent, strong and invisible (when they want to be). The Ellium knows about the upcoming Apocalypse. The Ellium tell the story that it was our self appointed savior that was the one that banished them. There was one story in which agent Elston deals with a creature that looks like he or she stepped out of the "Species' movie. This creature is 1/2 demon and 1/2 human. The creature claims that its mom got it on with a Ellium agent. As the story moves along, you will find some swordplay and even a disembowlment. There are plenty of monstrous demonic characters throughout the whole story. The stories are incredible and the artwork will completely dazzle the reader! There are people that believe in the crest, a crest that symbolizes the power of the Ellium. Because of the Ellium, wars have been fought in the open and wars have been fought in secret. The movie National Treasure can't give you the intrigue like Ellium can! Freemasons watch your back, because Ellium is here to stay! If you desire power and knowledge, then you must read Ellium, you will never look at the world the same way again!

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