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Powerpuff Girls #55

Posted: Saturday, October 23, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"Scream, Girls, Scream!"
"Robo Mojo-Cop"
"Shortening Dread"

Writers: Abby Denson; Robbie Busch
Artists: Ricardo Garcia Fuentes(p), Mike DeCarlo(i), Heroic Age(c)
Publisher: DC

In "Scream, Girls, Scream!" the cameo of Santo does not excuse a weak, weak story that does not make much sense. The Girls try to skirt around the Professor forbidding them to see a scary movie. The method involves the Gangreen Gang who Buttercup promotes to be their adult supervision, and that's really about it. The Gang act like jackasses in the movie theater, and the Girls in their typical fashion usher them out.

One of the flaws in the first story is that the Gangreen Gang actually want to see this movie. Based on the testimony of those who saw the early show, it appears that the movie isn't a cheesy one. So, it does not make sense that they would start behaving as typical annoying seat fillers who definitely should be ejected for defying simple etiquette.

If the Girls were going to see The Sound of Music and the Gangreen Gang snuck into the theater to make asses of themselves. Then that would make sense. It would still be a weak tea, but it would at least make sense.

Mojo must have not eaten his Wheaties the morning he conceived of Robo Mojo-Cop. Mojo concocts his version of Ed-209 from Robocop in order to--well according to the monkey--distract the girls from his bigger robot. Huh? Mojo Jojo twice stole an Anubis bust, a scroll detailing a transformation spell and a pair of gems to twice turn the world into dogs. A wacky plan to be sure, but it's scope was impressive. In comparison, Mojo's robots are mighty small potatoes. Worst of all when the Girls go into action, they destroy a machine that has apparently developed feelings. This moves their actions closer to murder.

The final story tries to work Him's magic by showing all humans to be basically animals. Not something I really want to read about, thanks. The only thing to recommend in this issue of Powerpuff Girls is the dead-on Craig McCracken styled artwork by Fuentes, DeCarlo and the colorists at Heroic Age.

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