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Daredevil #65

Posted: Thursday, October 7, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

"The Universe"

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Michael Golden, Greg Horn, P. Craig Russell, Phil Hester, Chris Bachalo, Jae Lee, David Finch, Frank Quitely and Alex Maleev (p), Michael Golden, Greg Horn, P. Craig Russell, Ande Parks, Tim Townsend, Jae Lee, David Finch, Frank Quitley and Alex Maleev (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

A look back on the past year of Daredevil's life, as seen through the eyes of a number of guest-heroes. Nick Fury arrives in the immediate aftermath of Matt's secret identity being exposed to offer him a job as a secret agent, but Matt refuses. Spider-Man arrives to offer his sympathy but Matt is not in the mood, nor is he willing to accept Captain America's offer of help. We also get a meeting of minds between the Punisher and Daredevil, as well a sit-down meeting with Doctor Strange.

Essentially this issue is a recap of the events that have played out in the pages of this title since Daredevil's secret identity was revealed to the world, but Brian Michael Bendis makes use a host of guest-heroes to offer up an outsider looking in examination of key events. To start off the show the first guest is Nick Fury who comes to offer up the easy way out, and this makes for an intriguing teaser of the road not taken, as well as a solid look at how Fury looks upon costumed vigilantes as ideal recruits. We then get Spider-Man, who clearly sympathizes with Matt's problem, as out of all the other heroes that show up in this issue he's the only one who has a secret identity to protect, and this in turn results in a nice bit of self examination as Peter imagines how his life would fall apart if his secret identity was revealed. The book than offers up a meeting with Captain America, and while the scene didn't quite work for me it does a nice job of reflecting the discomfort of this meeting, as Matt rejects the offer of help. We then get the Punisher who is quick to note that Daredevil's more aggressive stance when it comes to crime mirrors his own, but the real enjoyment of this scene is the inevitable clash between these two characters. However my personal favourite section of the issue comes from Matt's meeting with Doctor Strange, as there several great little character moments, and the final question that Matt asks is a fantastic exchange that makes this issue a must read for Daredevil fans.

While most of the artist who work on this issue have no real past connection to the character of Daredevil, they are all fine artists who turn in some lovely visuals. First off we have Michael Golden who is in fine form as he delivers what is largely a dialogue scene between Nick Fury and Matt. We then get a lovely bit of painted art from Greg Horn, though I do have to say his Peter Parker looked a bit off. P. Craig Russell offers up a nice Central Park meeting with Captain America, that manages to offer up the best presentation of Brian Michael Bendis' back and forth dialogue style. The Green Arrow art team steps in to deliver the heated meeting between Daredevil and the Punisher with the proper sense of urgency, while Chris Bachalo shows that he's the ideal artist for any impending Doctor Strange projects, as he perfectly captures magical mystery of the good doctor's inner sanctum. We also get several pinup shots, with Frank Quitely's ninja battle being my personal favourite.

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