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Alpha Flight #6

Posted: Friday, August 13, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artists: Clayton Henry and Mark Morales

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue managed to do a very effective job of presenting the debate of what should be done with the about-to-hatch Plodex eggs, as the resultant ideological clash does allow the personalities of the characters to step up to the plate, and the conversation made for an engaging read. I also enjoyed the idea that both sides were allowed to make reasoned arguments and that that Major Mapleleaf was allowed to emerge as the voice that objects to the plan that involves wiping out the Plodex, as it allows the character to comes across as more than a eager-to-please boy-scout. In fact if there's one flaw with the way that this clash of tactics plays out is that it's resolved with a development that felt manufactured, as not only is the problem resolved, but it also results in a situation that has the original Alpha Flight stepping aside, so that the all new, all different team can take centre stage.

I also have to say I'm a little concerned with the idea that the team looks to have gained a new member who at this time is the very definition of annoying, as that Plodex child has an irksome Jar Jar Binks quality to that doesn't exactly leave me excited by the notion that it looks like it'll be a regular member of the cast. Still, it's a little early in the game to be overly concerned, and if nothing else this issue managed to build up several cast members of the new team, so I haven't completely written off the character. I also have to say that while it's likely to annoyed some readers, I rather enjoyed the occasional breaching of the fourth wall that this issue engages in, as it injected some much needed humour into a rather exposition heavy sequence.

While it has nothing really to do with this issue, I have to say that my enthusiasm for the upcoming issues dropped considerably when I got peek at the cover images for the upcoming issues which look downright freakish. However, Clayton Henry is a pretty solid artist, and while his background could use a little more detail, his figure work is pretty sound & his characters have a nice expressive quality to them that helps sell the more humorous aspects of the issue. There's also a nice double-page shot of the new team heading off into the sky, with the personalities of the characters being nicely reflected in this group shot.

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