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Cla$$war #6

Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2004
By: Craig Johnson

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Travel Foreman

Publisher: Com.X


I can't really talk about this issue without giving some key plot elements away, and as the book isn't officially in the shops yet - for once, I'm not going to spoil it.

Suffice it to say that this is the confrontation we've all been waiting for since The American grabbed the US Pres in issue one and did nasties to his forehead. It's the showdown of the century between The American and his ex-teammates, a nasty quartet of super-powered humans with a distinct line in looking out for Number One (as executed superbly by Icon in the course of this issue). Throw in the US Military as a surprise third party, and an ending to rock the world, and you have a book which comes close to out-Authoritying The Authority, out-Ultimating The Ultimates.

The art feels a tiny bit rushed this time - there are a few panels that you think maybe Travel isn't happy with, but needed to get a move on - but for a relatively new figure to the world of comics he pulls off the fight scenes - and what lies beyond - very well.

The ever-present driving force behind this book since issue one has been writer Rob Williams, of course, and he delivers the action - and plot development - and some good laughs - to his usual high standards. He probably won't thank me for this, but I see this as being his best work to date, it's clear he's happy with comic-length stories as well as the more typical five or six page installments in 2000AD, and the time and space allows his work to develop nicely.

What's not to love about a book containing this exchange, in the Oval Office, the Pres, his secretary, and his new superpowered bodyguard Jefferson are talking about a decision the Pres has just made, when:

President's Dog: YELP!
President: What the fuck was that?
Jefferson: appears that my left leg has just eaten your dog.
Secretary: Now there's a sentence I've never heard before.

My one concern with this book is that maybe the cover gives a little too much away - maybe another concern is the story is left open for Cla$$war II, we need to see that series, which will depend upon sales of this issue and the inevitable trade. So, it's down to you. Get it ordered.

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