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Punisher #9

Posted: Friday, July 16, 2004
By: Michael Wilson

Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Leandro Fernandez

Publisher: Marvel Comics/MAX

Frank and his two tag-alongs have closed in on terrorist Finn Cooley. Things get more complicated, though, when the River Rat gang makes its entrance. Meanwhile, the Westies are coming up with a plan to find their lost comrade who’s in the custody of Maginty.

This is just another one of Garth Ennis’ great Punisher issues. I’m interested to see what happens with Castle’s relationship to the British police officer and the son of the murder victim. Castle rarely works so closely with anyone, no matter how much information he needs. He never spent as much time with Detective Soap as he has with these two. It’s possible that he know that his two sidekicks have been caught up in criminal activity at some point or they’re lying to him about their motives, so maybe Castle wants to keep close to them.

Ennis is a very talented writer. Even though he decided to do away with the black humor since the title was moved to MAX, the scene at the end with Finn and a few customers at the restaurant is going to be hilarious when it continues in the next issue. Maginty is a mysterious character. His past is one that I’d very much be interested in knowing. Is he a true black Irish?

Leandro Fernandez is not one of my favorite pencilers, but his “light” style might be a relief after Lewis Larosa’s dark style in the previous story arc.

Final Word:
Curious about the only successful MAX series since Alias? Want to know why it’s selling out everywhere? Pick it up. You won’t be disappointed.

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