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Comic Effect #39 - Julius Schwartz Special Issue

Posted: Saturday, July 3, 2004
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: Jim Kingman

Jim Kingman did an outstanding job in putting this special together. Jim talks about his encounter with Julius Schwartz at the 1995 San Diego Comic Con in his "Letter from the Editor". There is a lot of great historical information on Mr. Schwartz in this spectacular issue. I will run it down, you will find (and these are the titles to give you some kind of perspective on what you will find in this issue):

See No Evil, Buy No Evil, Read No Evil - The Reprinting of Green Lantern/Green Arrow #76 - Again and again, and again by Jim Kingman;

The Flash #179 May, 1968, DC Comics - Reviewed by Steve Chung;

Superman #247 January 1972 - Reviewed by Jim Kingman;

Atomic Knightfall by Jim Kingman;

Hawknotes by Jim Kingman;

Julius Schwartz Made me Smart! - A Fond Look Back at the Editor's Notes by Jim Kingman;

Steve Englehart's - Justice League of America #s 139-146, 149, 150 Feb. Sept 1977, Dec 1977, Jan 1978 - Reviewed by Jason Sacks;

Man of Two Worlds - My Life in Science Fiction and Comics by Julius Schwartz, with Brian M. Thomsen, Harper Collins. 2000 - Reviewed by Gene Popa;

On First Looking into the Golden Age by John G. Pierce;

Strange Guest Appearance Adventure by Jim Kingman;

Strange Editorship Stories by Jim Kingman;

The Editor's Inventory - Titles Julius Schwartz Edited in His Silver Age (1956-1986) Compiled by Jim Kingman;

Julius Schwarz - The Not-So Secret Identity of the Silver Age by Michal Jacot;

Schwartzian Slip-Ins! Candid Cameos by the Grand Ol' Editor (in which you will find Julius in the following stories: Batman Family #12, Secret Society of Super-Villains #13, Wonder Woman #225, Wonder Woman #220, World's Finest Comics #213, Justice League of America #124.

Jim Kingman has a definite passion for comics and it really shows when he does a special to a great giant like Julius Schwartz. A lot of the areas of this special will bring fond memories and will touch your heart. A great man left the comic book society, but his legend will live on forever and Comic Effect just keeps that legend alive!

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