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The O Men #24

Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2004
By: Craig Johnson

Writer/Artist: Martin Eden
Publisher: Ominous Comics

We're at part seven of the cataclysmic final storyline of act one of The O Men, and it's a perfect jumping on point. does that work then?

Well, Eden cleverly takes us away from the ongoing plot of Anathema ripping the O Men (aka X Men) to shreds, to see what his US superteam, The USAviors (aka Avengers/JLA) have been up to whilst all this is going on. We get a good amount of background for this team (hence the jumping on point, you don't need to know who any of these people are in advance, it's all self-contained), a dire premonition of trouble, a neat Galactus riff - and that's just in the first four pages. The rest of the issue develops this theme, drawing the USAviors closer to the events affecting the O Men, without them being overtly aware of what is really happening, until they turn up at the Institute and get...well, that's for you to find out.

Needless to say, it's a cliffhanger ending to leave you on the edge of your seat, shouting at Eden to give up his day job and get the next bloody issue published NOW dammit. Spare a thought for those of us waiting on the cliffhanger to #23 - this issue acts to ramp up the tension even further...and the next few are going to be disaster all round.

As an example of how to construct not only a nail-biting extended storyline yet also provide a new-reader-friendly way of jumping onboard, it's peerless. The writing excels too. The art does suffer in comparison; it's vastly improved since #1 but it's still clear Eden's writing talent is miles above his artistic talents - although I suspect he frets and sweats more over the art than the writing - and you can just picture him on a X-book with Salvador Larrocca, for example, ripping the sales charts to shreds.

Order it via his website - paypal should be accepted by now for US sales - and be in on the ground floor.

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