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Marvel Knights 4 #6

Posted: Friday, June 11, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artists: Steve McNiven and Mark Morales

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue acts as a wonderful display of the team's powers, as Sue gets the opportunity to show off both her force fields, and her lesser-used ability to make herself and others invisible, as she works to protect herself and the children from a host of attacking aliens.

This issue also gives Reed the opportunity to showcase a new ability, as he uses his malleable body to pose as one of the alien creatures, and make his way into their ship to rescue a pair of dim-witted video jockeys who are looking to capture proof of alien life.

Of course, this being the Marvel Universe, which plays host to a monthly alien invasion, one would think that video footage of yet another alien race wouldn't be as highly sought after as these two amateur investigators seem to believe.

I guess if one didn't live in Manhattan, encounters with aliens, monster, and mutants are dramatically decreased, and as such, their level of excitement about their close encounter is easy enough to understand.

The one complaint that I would make about this issue though is that Ben is left to stand about on the sidelines, while his team-mates are left to do all the heavy lifting. Being an unabashed fan of Ben's clobberin' ability I have to say that I was a little disappointed he didn't get the same opportunity to show off his ability to welcome the alien invaders.

Still, there's always next issue, and he does get the opportunity to make some funny observations about Reed's disguise.

In addition, the book opens with a solid look back at the early days of the Fantastic Four, where we see how Sue manages to get Reed to make a promise that directly impacts his actions in the present day.

As for the art, Steve McNiven's work is an absolute delight as it is full of detail and it conveys a solid understanding of how to convey a real sense of visual excitement during the action sequences.

I mean, there's a great impact shot of an alien invader slamming into one of Sue's force fields that manages to capture the idea that her fields are completely invisible. There's also a wonderful creepy reveal shot as we see the alien invaders have been busy collecting the local wildlife.

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