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Ultimate Fantastic Four #6

Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Adam Kubert, John Dell and Danny Miki

Publisher: Marvel Comics

An entertaining issue, which is pretty much one extended action sequence. The Fantastic Four finally get pulled together to battle against a massive army of the Mole Man's ani-men and, if nothing else, the double page spreads of the team battling against this overwhelming force make this issue worth the price of admission.

There are also a number of cute little moments, from the scene where Sue takes a moment to openly wonder about the hulking rock creature that seems to be fighting alongside them, to the scene where Ben finds himself struggling to come up with his ever classic battle cry (I officially apologize for the complaint I made in my review of the last issue, as this is a very amusing scene).

I also enjoyed the banter that goes on between the characters, which manage to touch on a wide variety of little details, like the fact that Ben doesn't have any ears and the fact that Johnny is the last one to pick up on the Mole Man's identity.

The issue also does a pretty good job of conveying the idea that the Mole Man has officially gone around the bend and I loved the collective reaction of the Fantastic Four when the Mole Man goes crazy.

In addition, I had to smile at the scene where we see that Ben is responsible for causing the cavern to collapse, and this results in a wonderful moment of discovery as Sue's force fields are brought into play.

The issue also manages to end on a pretty solid little note, as we see the Fantastic Four are faced with the idea that they have made a splashy entrance onto the super-hero scene.

Unfortunately, not all of them are quite ready to embrace the constant life of danger that comes part and parcel with being a costumed adventurer.

As for the art, I've already mentioned that this issue features a truly amazing action sequence as the Fantastic Four take on a cavern full of the Mole Man's creations and Adam Kubert turns in some of the best art I've ever seen from him, as the four characters wade through a seeming endless swarm of attackers.

The sequence where the cavern begins to collapse around them was also a spectacular visual sequence and I loved the artwork in the scene where Sue's force field is introduced.

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