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The Victorian #23

Posted: Thursday, June 3, 2004
By: Craig Lemon

"Those Who Do Not Remember The Past"

Writer: Len Wein
Artists: Claude St Aubin (p), James Taylor (i)

Publisher: Penny Farthing Press

Claude Ballare's real identity stands revealed. As does his associate's, the mysterious Ms. White. As does The Victorian's. Ballare's plans to destablise the world economies proceeds at a pace, and it seems that nothing, but nothing can stop him. The Victorian? Nope, he's been beaten to a pulp.

And so we have the start of the final arc of The Victorian, three issues which reveal all remaining secrets and bring the whole kit and kaboodle to a wrap. Finally we have a bunch of disparate characters meeting up and finding out how their investigations overlap, and it all fits together like a hideously complex yet rewarding jigsaw. Attentive readers will have sussed Ms White early on, but it's nice to see her laid bare, as it were, and the first cracks in her ice-cold veneer start to appear.

Artwise the guys do yet another bang up job - okay, so I know the book is on a bimonthly schedule, but they make the time pay, they seem to have invested their all in this series. The final trade, when it comes out, will provide a fitting endcap to the series...christ, I'm gonna miss this and it ain't even over yet.

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