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Cable & Deadpool #3

Posted: Friday, May 28, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Patrick Zircher, Rob Ross and Alan Tam

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue isn't put together all that well as there are several moments where I found myself racing to catch up with the story, as Fabian Nicieza jumps from one scene to the next without really giving us any sign that any time has passed, which results in a jarring reading experience. Now the story isn't all that bad as Fabian Nicieza looks to have a clear direction that he's heading, and the central premise is a pretty sound one as it's got all that often we see a hero has to openly question whether the villain's plan is evil. In fact if nothing else this issue manages to nicely offer up a powerful internal conflict that Cable has to deal with, as we learn his powers are steadily increasing and he knows that they'll eventually kill him so he's forced to deal with the idea that his time on this planet is limited, and with his powers he has the opportunity to make the world a better place, whether it wants to become a better place or not. I also like the idea that this book isn't offering up any sign of how it plans on bringing together it's two lead, as Cable and Deadpool are still acting at cross-purposes, and this issue ends with a wonderful cliff-hanger where it looks like Deadpool is on the verge of killing Cable.

I like the idea that this book isn't forcing either character into a behaviour pattern that would be better suited to a partnership with the other character, and while I realize it's something that'll have to be done, I like the simple fact that so far the two characters are still at each other's throats. As for the art, Patrick Zircher is always a welcome sight as while he does have a regular monthly gig over on "Nightwing", it's great to see he's still allowed to jump back over to the Marvel side of the fence, to work on an action heavy title like this one. Plus the visual of the deconstructed house is great visual presentation of Cable's increased abilities.

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