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Amazing Spider-Man #507

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artists: John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I'm not entirely sold on the idea that Spider-Man powers stem from a supernatural source, and that the spider chose him to be its champion, as frankly this addition serves to complicate what I consider to be one of the only perfect origin stories in comics. However, what really left me a bit disappointed about this issue is that it sets up what looks to be a memorable tussle between Spider-Man and a powerful adversary who is made up thousands of spiders, but when Spider-Man looks to be overwhelmed by this opponent, instead of getting a dramatic sequence where Spider-Man makes his escape, instead we're subjected to more of J. Michael Straczynski's supernatural back-story material before the story undergoes an abrupt change of location and opponents.

Now I'll concede I was surprised by the last page revelation about a character that we had been lead to believe was an ally, but frankly I was rather enjoying the fight this book had going on, that I'm not overly impressed by this issue's cliff-hanger that essentially moves the focus away from that encounter, and offers up a decidedly less engaging opponent to carry us into the next issue. However, there are some solid moments of entertainment in this issue, as the opening nightmare sequence is a very powerful sequence to kick off the issue, and I have to say I enjoyed the scene where Mary Jane finds her bid to be seen as a serious actress are not going as planned.

As for the art as John Romtia Jr.'s run nears it's conclusion I have to say what I'm going to miss the most is his uncanny ability to project a very real sense of danger, as the invasion of the spiders is very effectively presented.

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