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Captain America/Falcon #3

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2004
By: Richard Vasseur

Creators: Priest & Bart Sears
Inkers: Rob Hunter & Bart Sears

Publisher: Marvel

The art is fantastic Captain America and the Falcon are drawn with lots of muscles. Caps poses show off his patrotic nature. The female SHIELD agent is sexy in her skin tight outfit.

The Anti-Cap finds the Falcon and after a hard long battle is ready to kill the Falcon. Guess who shows up to save the day? Yep the real Cap. The Anti-Cap is good but Cap is the best. Which we'll see next issue.

This issue sets up the Cap vs Anti-Cap battle beautifully. Having Anti-Cap beat Falcon shows us he is a formidable foe. And having him kill shows us he will be more ruthless than Cap. He'll do anything to win.

The cover is eye catching with Cap and Falcon posing. Cap's big red, white and blue shield will certainly catch and hold your attention.

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