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Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2

Posted: Sunday, May 16, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Mark Millar
Artists: Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Call me a slugfest happy fanboy but if you're going to make an active bid to bring Spider-Man into conflict with the Avengers, than it would be nice to get more action than a handful of panels where Spider-Man was actually fighting the Avengers . I mean I can see him battle armed thugs every other issue, but to see him square off against the Avengers is a true rarity, and I have to say that I was disappointed to see the best Mark Millar could come up with was a couple action poses, before bringing the action to an abrupt halt so the Avengers could stand around like inconsiderate jerks talking about the freedom that comes with letting the world know his secret identity. I mean I'm willing to forgive quite a bit from a writer if their efforts result in an entertaining tussle, but since the normally reliable Mark Millar dropped the ball when it came to Spider-Man's misunderstanding with the Avengers, it's hard not to notice how awkwardly this situation was presented, as Jarvis comes across as downright hostile, and I have to openly wonder why the heck happened to the cool security devices that graced the Avengers Mansion, as those steel tentacles, and laser cannons were 100 times cooler that the armed flunkies that Spider-Man encounters in this issue.

However, there are some solid character moments in this issue, as the opening scene between Peter and Mary Jane is a wonderfully written sequence, as is the scene where Spider-Man confronts Norman Osborn in his cell, as the scene drips with menace. As for the art, the Dodsons turn in a wonderfully polished style that manages to perfectly convey Peter's distress in the opening sequence as he's urges Mary Jane to safety, and while I found the battle to be a bit disappointing there are some lovely action shots, with Quicksilver's arrival being particularly impressive.

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