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Captain America And The Falcon #3

Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artists: Bart Sears and Rob Hunter

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue offers up a pretty good look at the back-story of the fake Captain America, as we get a powerful moment the acts as the motivating factor of this young man's actions that could be exploited so that he would bear a serious devotion to keeping America safe. Now he still comes across as a pretty sinister customer, but much like Magneto, and Doctor Doom even if a character is an out and out villain, it's always better if they have some quality about them that the readers can sympathize with, and look upon with an understanding of how this event in their past would drive their current behaviour.

The rest of the issue is focused on the race for the mysterious item at the centre of the plot, and while the story delights in teasing us with this item's importance without revealing what it is, the simple fact of the matter is that it's simply enough that it acts to drive the actions of the three principals, with the fake Captain America coming across as a truly terrifying presence as he lays into the Falcon, which in turn makes the real Captain America's arrival on the final page all the more dramatic. However while the story is a highly effective bit of suspense, Bart Sears seems to be struggling with the material, as he's got characters posing, and eating up huge sections of the page, while the action is playing out within the confines of a series of small panels. The big fight between the Falcon and the fake Captain America does convey a nice sense of urgency though.

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