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X-Statix #22

Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artists: Michael Allred and Nick Craine

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The second chapter is the one that gets the one on one fights off and running as we have Captain America squaring off against the Anarchist, while the Scarlet Witch runs up against Deadgirl. Now the results are secondary to the simple enjoyment that Peter Milligan seems to be having with these new toys, as one has to love Captain America's reaction to Anarchist's attempts to twist his every utterance into a racial slur, or his deeply apologetic behaviour when he accidentally decapitates the tribal statue, as he tries not to come across as the ugly American. The Scarlet Witch bout with Deadgirl benefits tremendously from it's creepy surroundings as we have the two heroes swimming about in an ocean of toxic sludge, and along the way Peter Milligan offers up a pretty solid character moment as we see Wanda is haunted by an event from her past, that Deadgirl is able to exploit to her advantage.

Plus there's something rather refreshing about how this arc has fully embraced its Silver Age plot structure, while still keeping it somewhat believable that we would be treated to such structured one on one bouts. There's also Mike Allred's art to join in on the fun as he does look to be having a grand old time with the varied environments where the battles take place, and the fights are actually smartly laid out, as one has to love the panel where the bellowing Anarchist is laid out by the flying shield, or the rotting corpse appearance that Deadgirl as she swims about in the toxic waste.

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