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X-Statix #22

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

ďThe Good and The Famous, parts 2 and 3Ē

Writer: Milligan
Artists: Allred and Craine

Itís as old-school as the Silver Age, and what a great TPB or digest itís going to make: half the issue is a no-holds barred battle between Captain America and the Anarchist, the other a radioactively dirty catfight between a corpse and a witch. And there are four more battles to come!

The cover concepts for these issues are brilliant, here a macho Cap and an intense Tike facing off on a Thailand beach. Allredís in top form this issue, both with familiar faces and with iconic versions of the cream of Marvelís team crop. As the title says, itís the heroes vs. the infamous, and since everyoneís the same age in the Marvelverse, itís more like a difference in lifestyle choices than a generational conflict at stake.

Warning: Iím giving away the outcomes of the battles.

Tike is defeated on his own terms by the Captain, as a popularity contest ensues and good manners win out over the reckless style of the mutants. Wanda, however, fairs poorly for the same reason. Mostly because, unlike the normal X-statix practice, the Witch cares about the people she may have harmed by accident in the past, and Dead Girl is crafty enough to use such concern against her (in yet another revelation of her endlessly evolving powers). Credit to Milligan for all parties coming off as professionals and seasoned warriors, not sentimental boobs as I at first feared. It makes the conflicts much more exciting when no one is merely used as a straw man.

This is shaping up to be the best story arc in some time on this title, and if itís the final one, Iím all for going out on a high note.

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