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Sword of Dracula #3

Posted: Thursday, March 18, 2004
By: Shawn Patty

“The Elders, part 3 of 6: Survival”

Writer: Jason Henderson
Artist: William Belk

Publisher: Image

The issue opens with the two fallen angels, Samyaza and Azazyel, breaking into Dracula’s castle to find an object called the “Blue”. The fallen angels quickly defeat Dracula’s followers, leaving Dracula alone and visibly scared. Samyaza and Azazel take Dracula (or what’s left of him) to the Polidorium’s warehouse in search of the “Blue”. After obtaining the “Blue”, the fallen angels make a quick exit, leaving Dracula to defend himself against the Polidorium.

I really enjoyed this issue of SOD. If I were to define this issue with one word, it would be: action! The fallen angels storm into Dracula’s castle and reduce his followers to a big pile of blood! Blood! The thing that really put a smile on my face was the scene where Dracula realizes he is beaten and tells his lover to run. When is the last time you saw Dracula scared? And that’s exactly why I love this book - nothing is taken for granted.

There is also another good scene between Ronnie Van Helsing and Senator Sangster where we get to see a little glimpse of the Polidorium’s past. The Polidorium’s past is alluded to in the warehouse where there are artifacts from Operation Guns of Frankenstein in a display case. I like it when authors give us tantalizing little tidbits of information that happen off-panel.

Warning: Major spoiler ahead! Perhaps the best part of this issue is where we see Dracula reduced to nothing but his brain, eyes & spinal cord. The fallen angels use what’s left of Dracula as a homing device to find the mysterious “Blue”. Once they’re done with him, they toss him aside. It was very interesting to see Dracula’s brain crawling around on the ground to absorb blood so that he could regain his corporeal form. Once Dracula manages to absorb enough blood to make him whole again, he is seemingly captured by Ronnie Van Helsing.

Remember, this all occurs in just one issue! Talk about action!!

Final Word:
A very enjoyable read from cover to cover. This comic left me wanting more, which is always a good sign. This unique take on Dracula continues to surprise me with how much fun it is. I honestly can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue. Does the Polidorium really capture Dracula? What is the “Blue” and what are the fallen angels going to do with it? All will be revealed in issue #4 of Sword of Dracula. I for one plan on being there – and I suggest you do, too!

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