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Incredible Hulk #66

Posted: Wednesday, February 11, 2004
By: Richard Vasseur

Writer: Bruce Jones
Penciler: Dougie Braithwaite
Inker: Bill Reinhold

Publisher: Marvel

Well the story is hard to follow is Mr. Blue a clone or the real Betty Ross? She can't seem to make up her mind. Neither can Bruce Jones. Now she has super strength from the Abomination's blood or was it cloned in? Once Marvel starts putting clones in, it starts screwing everything up. Plus it seems Betty now will go around and sleep with anyone just to have the comfort of a guy near her. She is now dying from cancer but thatís no excuse. Of course she might be a clone if so then who cares.

Where is the Hulk? We don't see him at all this issue. Last issue he was only on one page. Isn't this comic book supposed to be about a certain big green goliath? So where is he? It seems this comic is more about Bruce's love interests and him getting into bed. Is this a soap opera or a super-hero comic book? Where are the big heroic battles? I'd settle even for a small itsy bitsy one. The Hulk needs to dust off his knuckles and use them.

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