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Heroes Anonymous #3

Posted: Saturday, January 3, 2004
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Story and Script: Scott M. Gimple
Art by: Andrew Pepoy

Publisher: Bongo Comics

After reading Heroes Anonymous #3 I was definitely hooked! I love the heroes in this story! I love their costumes! I love their powers! I love their humor!

Right from the beginning I was enthralled in the story when Hotwire talks about the love of his life, but how he couldn't live in a bottled city, at the bottom of the sea and in a parrarel universe for the rest of his life. Boy and I thought I had it hard with my dates, this guy was contemplating his very life style to live with this woman!

The purple tones in the artwork, really dazzles. The artwork is quite unique and has a style that is eye-candy to the reader! I want to learn more about the happenings in Gothopolis City and with the Super Crime Syndicate in the shadows, our heroes will always be busy! This is a true winner coming out of Bongo Comics! Now only if the Simpsons would show up in this strange reality!

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