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Justice League Adventures #26

Posted: Sunday, December 28, 2003
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Writer: Ken Rothstein
Artists: Chris Jones (p), Dan Davis (i)

Publisher: DC

When Adam Strange needs help for his dying planet againt a evildoer named General Sturm, then it's time for the JLA to get into the fracas. What makes this story so interesting is that Superman and J'onn Jonzz are weakened by the planet Rann's sun. They are practically useless in the battle to save the planet and Wonder Woman and Adam Strange take the lead in the battle.

There is one scene in which Wonder Woman and Adam Strange are strapped onto a rocket that is aimed for the sun. Wonder Woman is unconscious and Adam Strange breaks away the chains and saves them both. There is plenty of good action in this story and you won't find yourself bored. When the JLA are down for the count, it's up to Wonder Woman to do it alone and she does it well, with her warrior will and strength.

Enjoyed the ending when Superman invites Adam Strange to join the JLA and Adam is flattered and right about the time he give his answer, the JLA are zapped back to Earth.

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