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Justice League Adventures #26

Posted: Friday, December 19, 2003
By: Ray Tate

"Strange Days": Part Two

Writers: Ken Rothstein
Artists: Chris Jones(p), Dan Davis(i), John Kalisz(c)
Publisher: DC

I have to admit that I wondered whether or not the missing pages would make a difference in Justice League Adventures. Did they ever. The first page catches up the reader on events from last issue. Batman examines the dead body in Sardath's lab. The rocket to which Adam Strange and Wonder Woman have been chained provide a distraction that facilitates the red sun weakened Superman's escape from the angry mob of Rannians.

The missing pages then show how Adam and Wonder Woman free themselves from the rocket launched by General Sturm--of whom the narration winningly refers to as "the power mad lunatic." The panels then tightly detail Chris Jone's fine execution of Mr. Rothstein's script. Furthermore, it shows why Wonder Woman demonstrated her Amazonian skills in the first place.

The rocket's disposal smoothly segues to J'onn J'onz's predicament, and next we cut to a splendid shadowy depiction of Batman rejoining the team and rooting out the motive behind the murder. The motive uses some wacky silver age sci-fi, but here's the kicker. The plan to prevent Rann's incineration is sound.

Sturm makes excellent use of the teleporter that he showed off last issue. Jones and Davis create fairly intense moments of suspense involving our lovely hostage Alanna, and the added subtext of Sturm wanting her to bear his young just adds a repellent layer to the already volatile situation.

The rest of the book fills with daring do and heroism from the members of the League as well as Sardath, but what really puts the book over the merely good to the in fact great is the fact that Mr. Rothstein does not take the expected way out of the murder subplot which was also revealed in the final missing pages.

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