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Human Target #4

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

ďTake Me Out To The Ballgame, part 1: The Set-Up ManĒ

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Javier Pulido

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

I hate baseball. There I said it. Americaís national pastime my ass. Itís boring and there are so many games that none of them seem important until we get to the end of the freakiní season. I just donít like it. Football, I like. Rugby, I like. Those sports have an immediate feel to them and have a brutal side that keeps things interesting. Baseball is a picnic sport and has more in common with golf from my perspective.

That said, I really enjoyed this issue of Human Target as Chance takes on the persona of a major league baseball player. The story itself isnít much to pay attention to (chemically enhanced players being pressured by bad guys to throw games, etc. etc.), but the characterizations are excellent. Larry McGee, the declining player whose identity Chance assumes to investigate the suicide of the New Yorkersí star player, is well-defined and believable. The twist that forces him into the game at the end works, and Iím very interested in seeing how Chance reacts to the pressure of actually playing the game, instead of just lurking around its edges.

More good consistent writing from Milligan and the art, while a little sketchier than it has been, still does a good job of stylishly carrying the story through. I still donít like baseball though.

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