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Runaways #8

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

ďTeenage WastelandĒ

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Adrian Alphona (p), Craig Yeung (i)

Publisher: Marvel

There were three things that I really liked about this issue: 1) ďYeah, I remember sixteen, back when life was simple.Ē That made me laugh, especially coming from the mouth of Chase. The wisdom of the elders! Ha! 2) Molly. Every scene sheís in is nice. Sheís an excellent character. 3) Karolinaís insistence that they not tell their new recruit that sheís an alien. Itís a nice bit of insight into her character, not only that she might actually be concerned with not freaking him out any more than he already is, but itís a glimpse at her own insecurities as well. Like I said, good stuff.

However, the storyline is dragging this title down. The coincidence that this new kidís parents are evil too, so they bring him to their headquarters is a bit too much for me. I also didnít care for the way Nico just gives it up like that. And while weíre on the subject, making Alex some sort of peeping tom didnít sit well with me either. Yeah, I know that these are sixteen year old kids, and they will sometimes act in ways that arenít in their best interests. Thatís not my problem. These actions just seem a little out of character from what weíve seen previously. Granted, although itís been seven issues, it has only been a couple of days in actual story time. So maybe we donít really know what these kids are like. Hell, one of themís a traitor, supposedly. This storyline just seems to be moving us away from exploring their characters more efficiently. I donít think we really needed to introduce new characters yet, since we still donít really know who these kids and their parents are. It just seems like Vaughan is coasting a little with the second storyline and taking some easy ways of exploring the characters. Of course, it is more plot-centered writing than character-centered, so thatís another part of my problem.

While not bad, this issue didnít really click with me like the previous ones have. I didnít like the way some of the characters behaved, but really enjoyed others, so itís kind of hit and miss. Not solid enough for four bullets, but not too bad. Itís certainly not a waste of time.

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