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Wolverine: Snikt! #5

Posted: Tuesday, November 25, 2003
By: Dave Wallace

Writer & Artist: Tsutomu Nihei
Publisher: Marvel

Concluding the story of a Wolverine out of his depth, alongside a young girl Fusa on a future planet Earth, fighting a last fight against the cybernetic creatures known as The Mandate. Luckily, they're vulnerable to Adamantium...

This issue brings Snikt! to a close. Whilst Tsutomu Nihei's resolution may not bring any major surprises, essentially being an all-out final fight against the sinsiter Mandate creatures, it is carried out with such style that is is difficult to dislike. Whether you enjoy this issue will depend largely on how you react to the stylised look and feel of the series, coming down as a cross between a Japanese anime and the 'Alien' movies - some moments seem to be direct tribute, especially the 'Alien queen' that has to be battled here. Indeed, the story would not feel out of place in a sci-fi anthology such as 2000AD and as such may make a welcome change from the normally grounded antics of Wolverine.

The art for this series has been consistently beautiful (in its own creepy way), with all of the covers worthy of being pin-ups in their own right. Here a dark, hostile atmosphere is maintained throughout, bringing to life the sinister bio-mechanical nature of this future planet earth and its array of weird creatures chillingly. The action is thrilling, with the sometimes scratchy inking belying a level of detail which helps to maintain some sort of reality even in the face of such an out-of-this-world plot. Blurring effects are used sparingly but effectively and the deep purples and reds used in the colouring are contrasted with flashes of brightness which help to give a real immediacy to the big splash pages detailing Wolverine's final attack against the Primogenitor. Whilst it may not be one of the most intellectual recent Wolverine tales, the series as a whole (and this issue in particular) definitely rates high in terms of out-and-out excitement.

Final Word:
What this series has lacked in story it has made up for in relentless action. This issue brings the series to an explosive finale that is well worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of H.R.Giger-esque Alien creatures or dark, stylised sci-fi. Failing that, keep an eye out for the likely TPB collection.

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