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Boneyard #12

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Richard Moore
Publisher: NBM

It puzzles me how Richard Moore can produce a genuinely sweet, funny gorgeous black and white comic book that's only slightly late for an independent publisher while Geoff Johns and company can't even cobble together a half-way readable and completely disposable issue of the Avengers within a monthly time frame. Richard Moore however does it again with his latest engaging issue of Boneyard.

NBM has begun collecting Boneyard into trade paperbacks, but Mr. Moore has not changed the story or the characters to carry the books through storyarcs. Everything in Boneyard flows from each issue, and if anything it's more like a comic strip.

Like the best comic strips, you can enjoy Boneyard no matter where you enter the story. You don't even need to know the underlying premise.

In this issue while Abby the vampire heals from wounds inflicted by her siress, the hapless demon Glumph "tries to take over the world" through the fiendish Frankenfrog. The humor in this sequence derives from horribly bad monster flicks, an absurd flashback and an odd choice in double acts.

Mr. Moore illustrates many genres: from westerns to erotica. Perhaps that's why he possesses such a finely honed appreciation for the anatomic laws. Because of this comprehension Abby and Nessie--gill woman who takes a shower in a hilarious send up of all the gratuitous shower scenes in inept horror--look and act sexy rather than pornographic.

Mr. Moore recognizes that sexy can be fun, and he derives laughter from the compromising positions of Abby using her broken arms in an attempt to don a pair of blue jeans. We see a lot of Abby during the process, but none of the moments are sexploitation. They're hilarious.

Boneyard and Hogsbreath the comic strip that occupies the inside back cover also by Richard Moore from page one to the end provides hours of amusement within a fifteen minute read.

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