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Captain America #18

Posted: Tuesday, September 30, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

“Captain America Lives Again, part 2”

Writer: Dave Gibbons
Artist: Lee Weeks (p), Tom Palmer (i)

Publisher: Marvel Knights

When Captain America re-launched as a Knights title, I was hesitant to even care. I’d been a huge fan when I was younger, having a stack of old Kirby stories from the middle seventies. Cap was fighting super spies and fascist organizations, jumping realities to fight worlds gone mad, and dealing with a world very different from the world he’d come from. He’d only been out of the ice for about ten years, so presumably he was still having trouble adjusting. He relied on SHIELD for most of his socializing and motivation. Then there was the period when Byrne did the art. I read it then, and stuck with it for quite a while after he left. But in the end I was just bored with the character. I thought that making the threats more “real-world” that would end up falling flat, and I thought they should go back and try to recapture some of that energy from the seventies stories. I’d read that.

Well, with Gibbons and Weeks’ take on an alternate world where Nazis won WWII, I got what I was asking for. And boy, am I sorry I asked. I really hoped that this would be good, to wash the icky feeling away from that last storyline, but it just doesn’t work for me on so many levels that I’m thoroughly disgusted with myself for buying it. But I bought it. So I guess I should explain myself.

I think my biggest problem is one that is so fundamental that it upsets my enjoyment of most everything else in the story. What is the point of this story? What if Cap woke up in an alternate America. Okay. Then where do we go with the story? How does this affect the ongoing story at all? It doesn’t really. It’s filler. And there is not a single element in the story that comes as a surprise. Yeah, the Iron Men were neat, but kind of predictable. And the time machine? Come on. They’re going to invade the past? Why? They rule everything already. It’s just a ridiculous idea that makes no real sense and has no purpose other than to distract us until the new creative team arrives. It’s nothing special, but it’s nothing horrible. It’s just dreadfully dull and uninspired.

I really think my three bucks could be better spent than this for the next few months. I’ll just have to see how my completion psychosis deals with dropping the next couple of issues before buying the next storyline. Sigh. I’ll probably keep buying them and then kicking myself.

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