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Daredevil #52

Posted: Tuesday, September 23, 2003
By: Cody Dolan

Writer/Artist: David Mack
Publisher: Marvel Comics/Marvel Knights

Your enjoyment of this issue and arc as a whole will rest solely on how you feel about David Mackís style of comic book storytelling. If you like his collages and omnipresent small triangles, you should absolutely love this book. I have never been a fan of his art so this issue didnít do a thing for me other than to reinforce those feelings. I feel thatís a shame because Mack is obviously a talented artist. When he drops the pretense of creating ďartĒ his pages are quite effective. His normal pencils and watercolors look great, so I feel like this storyline is almost a missed opportunity.

This issue is all about re-retelling Echoís origin, so basically Iíve paid $6 for the same issue with a different cover. Since Iíve been reading Daredevil since issue 8, Iíve actually paid for this issue three times now that I think about it. The bookend pages to issue 52 move the plot forward incrementally, but other than that Mack spends for too much time telling us a story that has already been told more than once. I wouldnít be as upset if Mack had added something new (OK, thatís a lie, I would have been just as angry) but he goes so far as to use the same kind of dialogue. How many times does Maya have to ask her father what kind of sound grass or lightning makes? We get it, sheís deaf; letís move on to her confrontation with the Kingpin.

Iím normally a fan on unconventional storytelling, but something about Mackís collages strikes a discordant note with me. His pages are hard to follow sometimes and the tiny text he includes as a kind of caption is hard to read and usually doesnít add anything to the page. And what is up with those damned triangles? Theyíre everywhere and they serve no purpose other than to distract readers. Are the characters being attacked by killer Doritos? Iím thinking not.

Part of my vitriol this month is wrapped up in the expectations I had when I opened the book. The first few pages look more like a normal comic book and, quite frankly, they look great. I would love to see Mack use that more conventional style throughout the rest of this arc, especially given that Daredevil is a more or less conventional super hero. I donít care if the backgrounds are murky and inky, but the figures need to be clearly defined, and thatís not always the case here.

There has to be some movement in the next issue for me to keep reading this title while Brian Michael Bendis is on hiatus. The more I think about it, the angrier I get about Mack dressing up the same story three times and selling it to me. I have a feeling the next issue will be anti-climatic considering Echo canít really get to the Kingpin, so even if this story improves I may not last much longer with Daredevil.

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