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Runaways #6

Posted: Monday, September 22, 2003
By: Paul Brian McCoy

“Pride and Joy, conclusion”

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Adrian Alphona (p), Craig Yeung (i)

Publisher: Marvel

The conclusion to the first storyline finally has finally hit, so you bastards can get ready to buy your trade now.

This is yet another solid issue, filled with spectacular artwork and very nice character oriented writing. Alphona and Yeung work so well together that I don’t know how to split up the praise. The line work is consistently clean and shiny, allowing all of the detail to leap out at the reader, while not getting clunky and overcrowded like some old-school icons’ work has become lately (JLA/Avengers, anyone?). The layouts are always on the move, shifting our viewing angles all around and keeping the action well framed and fluid, and the character designs continue to impress the hell out of me; from the pictures on their t-shirts, to the machinery of Chase’s mechanical glove; from the expressiveness of Old Lace to costuming of the Pride. It’s all good.

And the story has finally reached the point where the kids and their parents all know exactly where they stand with each other. Or so it would seem. The revelation in the final few pages that there may be a traitor in their midst, really should kick the action and intrigue up a few notches as the next storyline takes off. The determination of the kids to rename themselves has a very nice and realistic feel to it, stemming mainly from Gertrude’s insistence that she no longer wants the name “they” gave her. Coming from the one team member who, it is revealed this issue, was considered expendable by the Pride, this is a powerful psychological moment for her. I’m very curious to see how they disguise themselves next month. This is another excellent character moment for the group as a whole, since they are actually motivated to assume secret identities and costumes for a rational reason, rather than just to fulfill some archaic comics tradition. That’s all I ask from my books, really: some valid reasoning behind the actions. And this title has it in spades. Along with everything else I look for in an ongoing series.

Do I have to beat you over the head with a stick? Go buy the trade when it comes out and then start picking up the individual issues so that we can keep getting this delicious goodness on a regular basis. Now shoo. Do as I say. Shoo.

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